Assistant Professor in Drug Regulatory Science (1.0 FTE) (2023)

Hours per week:
38 to 40
Faculty of Science
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmacoepidemiology & Clinical Pharmacology
Application deadline:

Job description

Are you interested in and capable of conducting and developing methodological and applied research at a high international level in the field of Drug Regulatory Science? Then come and join our multidisciplinary team of internationally oriented researchers as an Assistant Professor with a special focus on future medicines.

Drug Regulatory Science is an applied science, that informs, facilitates and/or evaluates regulatory decision making. It evaluates and studies the regulatory system as such, and its interaction with other decision makers and stakeholders, in terms of impact on ensuring patient access, effectiveness, safety, enhancing public health and stimulating the development of medicines for unmet medical needs. Although scientific progress has been made over the past decade, drug regulatory science is still a young and dynamic discipline. New methods and conceptual innovations are required to provide answers needed to regulatory challenges.

You, as an Assistant Professor, will actively contribute to the expansion and growth of the Utrecht Centre for Pharmaceutical Policy & Regulation and will play an important role in developing the scientific objectives and strategy of the Centre. You will be involved in interdisciplinary collaborations within the university and with (inter)national academic groups, as well as other stakeholders along the drug life-cycle (e.g. the MEB, EMA and WHO).

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This position carries a load of 30% teaching activities and 70% time for research and commitment to university service, offering you a diverse and interesting mix of responsibilities. Consider the following activities:

  • carry out and supervise research (PhD and MSc) within the scope of Drug Regulatory Science;
  • contribute to the acquisition of substantial external research funding for the benefit of the research programme;
  • contribute to (maintaining) cooperation with (inter)national partners in the field of Drug Regulatory Science;
  • coordinate and teach in Drug Regulatory Science related courses in the programmes of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Drug Innovation and the Utrecht University Summer School Programme;
  • be actively involved in organizing relevant scientific meetings at national or international level;
  • create visibility and impact for society.


To complement our team on an academic as well as personal level we are looking for a colleague with integrity, an effective and efficient work ethic who is able to think conceptually. We would also like you to bring:

  • a PhD degree in pharmaceutical or (bio)medical science or a relevant research field;
  • a solid background knowledge of pharmaceuticals and their regulatory system, especially in the EU context, preferably evidenced by working experience and/or publications in this field;
  • scientific creativity and productivity, as evident in recent publications in (international) peer reviewed journals;
  • experience in coordinating research projects and/or international research collaborations;
  • the ability to -and preferably experience with- acquire research funding;
  • enthusiasm for and experience in teaching, supervising MSc and PhD students, and/or co-coordinating academic courses;
  • preferably, you hold a University Teaching Qualification (UTQ), otherwise we are delighted to offer you the opportunity to obtain this;
  • the capacity to communicate effectively in English;
  • willingness to learn Dutch is highly appreciated (if applicable). The University provides language courses to staff member.


We offer:

  • the opportunity to work in a team of committed and collaborative scientists;
  • an appointment as Assistant Professor, starting with a fixed term contract. Following a positive evaluation after 18 months, this will be converted in a permanent contract;
  • we offer you a development track during the first 3 years of your employment. We will set goals together and support you to reach these and grow both professionally and personally;
  • a full-time gross salary – depending on previous qualifications and experience – ranging from €2,960 to €7,362 in scale 10-12.;
  • 8% holiday bonus and 8.3% end-of-year bonus;
  • A pension scheme, partially paid parental leave, and flexible employment conditions based on the Collective Labour Agreement Dutch Universities.

In addition to the employment conditions laid down in the CAO for Dutch Universities, Utrecht University has a number of its own arrangements. For example, there are agreements on professional development, leave arrangements and sports. We also give you the opportunity to expand your terms of employment via the Employment Conditions Selection Model. This is how we like to encourage you to continue to grow.

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For more information, please visit working at Utrecht University.

About the organisation

A better future for everyone. This ambition motivates our scientists in executing their leading research and inspiring teaching. At Utrecht University, the various disciplines collaborate intensively towards major societal themes. Our focus is on Dynamics of Youth, Institutions for Open Societies, Life Sciences and Sustainability.

At the Faculty of Science, there are 6 departments to make a fundamental connection with: Biology, Chemistry, Information and Computing Sciences, Mathematics, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Physics. Each of these is made up of distinct institutes that work together to focus on answering some of humanity’s most pressing problems. More fundamental still are the individual research groups – the building blocks of our ambitious scientific projects. Find out more about us.

As an Assistant Professor in Drug Regulatory Science, you will be employed at theDivision of Pharmacoepidemiology and Clinical Pharmacologyof theDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences. The division consists of a multidisciplinary team of internationally oriented Researchers.The mission of the division is to improve safe and effective use of medicines by patients and society. Our research contributes to a better understanding of the variability in medicines’ use and patient outcomes, both from a clinical, policy, and methodological perspective.

The development, regulation, and usage of medicines has become a critical area of scientific reflection and research. Over the last decades, pharmaceutical development and regulation have become increasingly responsive to medical needs, clinical practice, patient voices, and society in general. There is a great need for scientific underpinning of drug regulatory interventions and how these interventions affect patient outcomes, public health and innovation.

At the Utrecht Centre for Pharmaceutical Policy and Regulation we use evidence-based, and data driven approaches to evaluate the performance of the regulatory system and develop tools to assist regulatory practice. We study different aspects along the drug life cycle, from drug innovation to patient use. Our research aims to evaluate, understand, and improve the regulatory system governing medicines. Quantitative analysis supported by qualitative methods are applied and intend to produce results that benefit public health.

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Additional information

If you have any questions that you’d like us to answer, please contact professor Marie L. de Bruin (professor in Drug Regulatory Science) via

Do you have a question about the application procedure? Please send an email to

Please note: an assessment of skills, competencies and/or motivation might be part of the procedure.


Everyone deserves to feel at home at our university. We welcome employees with a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives.We aim to embed good equality and diversity practices in all our activities so that we can provide an inclusive, welcoming and inspiring place to work and study regardless of age, disability, neurodiversity, trans identity or history, marital status, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

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If you are enthusiastic about this role, the simply respond via the "Apply" button!

Please enclose:

  • your letter of motivation;
  • your curriculum vitae;
  • a research vision (no longer than three pages), in which you describe your current and future research plans in the field of Drug Regulatory Science;
  • a teaching vision (no longer than two pages);
  • a copy of your PhD certificate;
  • the names, telephone numbers, and email addresses of two references.

If this specific opportunity isn’t for you, but you know someone else who may be interested, please forward this vacancy to them.

Some connections are fundamental – Be one of them

The application deadline is 27 February 2023.

Apply now
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