Mount Teide Cable Car Tickets Online (2022)

Go up Mount Teide by Cable Car

Enjoy the quickest way to go up Mount Teide.

When you get off the cable car, you will be at an altitude of 3,555 m, and will have various choices on how to take in the stunning views of the largest national park in the Canary Islands.

Choose the viewpoint of La Rambleta to behold the views of the Siete Cañadas and the Ucanca Valley.From here, you can just imagine the enormous size of the old volcano that stood atop the island 150,000 years ago, and which was known as the Cañadas edifice, at a time when Mount Teide did not yet exist. In front of you stretches the Las Cañadas cirque, which has its highest point on Montaña Guajara. These are the remains of a great volcano whose own weight caused it to slide towards the northern coast in no more than a few minutes.

Its remains, millions of tons of volcanic rock, lie scattered over hundreds of kilometres in the depths of the ocean. In the huge tunnel left by the collapse of the volcano, new eruptions began immediately, and began to fill it. One of these eruptions was the origin of Mount Teide. Over a long period of time, eruption followed eruption, forming the huge volcano from which you are now looking out at the surrounding landscape.

If you prefer to gaze at spectacular views of La Gomera, El Hierro and La Palma with an impressive crater at your feet, (which once upon a time was a lake of lava), choose the path to the Pico Viejo Viewpoint, another colossal volcano over 3,000 m high, the second highest peak in the archipelago, crowned by a crater 800 m in diameter. Pico Viejo forms part of the same volcanic edifice as Mount Teide, and at its base lie the Narices del Teide [literally: the nostrils of Mount Teide], the two mouths of historic eruptions, including the last one recorded within the bounds of the National Park.

You can take this tour of great scenic and volcanic interest with a guide, by booking the guided tour to the Pico Viejo viewpoint with a cable car ticket included.

Choose the La Fortaleza trail if you’d like to enjoy fantastic views of northern Tenerife: the outstanding valley of La Orotava, with Puerto de la Cruz on the ocean shore, although for most of the year, the valley is shrouded in clouds borne by the trade winds from the north east. As they collide with the island’s northern slopes, these winds rise up, and the moisture carried along by them condenses, until it forms a spectacular sea of cloud, which is vital to sustain Tenerife’s forests. You may also like to take this trail if you want to make your descent via Montaña Blanca.

And if you are one of those people who won’t leave Tenerife without having reached the summit of Mt. Teide, choose the Telesforo Bravo trail to the peak of Teide and shout ‘I am the King of the world’ from an altitude of 3 718 m. But remember that for this trail, you will need a special free permit, issued by administration of the Teide National Park, which you must apply for months in advance. Would you like a guide for this option? Read all the information on our ascent to the peak with a cable car ticket.

Use the Teide Cable Car Online Tickets and take advantage of their benefits

Guarantee your seat by purchasing your Mount Teide Cable Car tickets online. You will enjoy tickets with an assigned session. It is as simple as booking a time slot for a specific date. You must show up at the Cable Car boarding area with your Online Ticket,either printed or displayed on your mobile phone,20 minutes prior tothe time specified on your Mount Teide Cable Car ticket in order to redeem it and access the boarding area to board the cabin afterwards.

If you arrive by private vehicle, which you will need to park, we recommend that you show up at the premises of the Cable Car prior to the time indicated on your Mount Teide Cable Car tickets, although we recommend that you avoid driving and choose collective transportation instead because it is important that together we do what we can to counteract overuse of the vehicle parking areas in the National Park. In addition, this represents your personal commitment to reduce greenhouse gases and to the conservation of the National Park. As a conservation measure, they have been kept to a small size, and they cannot be extended. Which is why we offer you our tour to Mount Teide with cable car tickets included. If you finally arrive by car, it is best that you book your Mount Teide Cable Car tickets for a time slot after 1.00pm.

If for whatever reason you arrive too late for your session, you will lose the right to board.

Tickets + Guided tour to the Pico Viejo viewpoint

Would you like to ascend by cable car and also walk some of the trails with a guide? You got it! By booking this guided tour you will be able to discover all of the volcanic wonders that surround the impressive trail to the Pico Viejo viewpoint. Our guide will explain everything to you in Spanish or English.

Please bear in mind that this activity is not suitable for people with mobility problems and children under 5.

Tickets + physical or digital audio guide

The perfect option if you prefer to discover the landscape and find out about it under your own steam with the help of our audio guide (available in English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Polish and Dutch). Get detailed and essential information about the three emblematic trails that leave from Teide Cable Car top station and follow different routes across the volcano’s slopes.

Download the audio guide app to yourAndroidorApple device. You just need to use the booking code from your cable car + audio guide ticket to quickly and easily download the app and enjoy a contactless experience.

If you do not have a smartphone, you can receive a physical audio guide. In order to pick it up it is necessary to leave your passport/ID card or a deposit of €50.00 which will be returned to you when you return the audio guide.

Enjoy this experience at sunset

Would you like to ascend by Cable Car outside the usual hours of operation and with our staff to behold the sunset from an altitude of 3,555 m? No problem! Just select the product Cable Car at Sunset. Enjoy this experience in the company of a maximum of 90 other participants. Prepare to be astounded by the show of Teide’s shadow cast onto the sea and take in the sunset from the Pico Viejo viewpoint, with the islands of La Gomera, La Palma and El Hierro on the horizon, to bid farewell to the day from the heights.

Mount Teide Cable Car booking management system

Do you want to modify your Teide Cable Car tickets reservation quickly and comfortably, or cancel your booking because the cable car is closed?

No charges apply to changes or cancellations of Mount Teide Cable Car tickets which are caused by the closure of the Teide Cable Car’s facilities due to adverse weather conditions, so access «Manage your booking» to cancel or modify your Mount Teide Cable Car booking by entering your booking locator and the e-mail address provided at the time of booking.


  • Tickets to ascend Spain’s highest peak by cable car
  • Enjoy spectacular views of the Teide National Park
  • Choose from three spectacular trails to walk on the heights.The trail that leads to the summit requires a permit issued by the National Park.
  • With your Online Ticket you won’t miss out on your seat to ascend Mt. Teide
  • The Guided Tour to Pico Viejo is unsuitable for people with mobility problems and children under 5.

What's included...

  • Tickets with an assigned session
  • Tickets + Guided tour to the Pico Viejo viewpoint (optional - Spanish or English-speaking guide)
  • Tickets + audio guide (optional - with the possibility of downloading to an Android or Apple device for a contacless experience)

What's not included...

  • Permit to ascend the peak of Teide
  • Spanish or English-speaking guide (if you book a ticket only)
  • Access for visitors with physical disabilities or motor impairments

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