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Omega: From the Deep Sea to Outer Space

Omega represents tradition, precision, and innovation. Breakthroughs like the co-axial escapement and Master Chronometer underscore the brand's stellar reputation, and the Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch enjoys legendary status worldwide.

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  • Omega Speedmaster: Prices and Info
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  • Planet Ocean Ultra Deep
  • Ploprof: A Professional Seamaster
  • Prices: Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M
  • The History of Omega

Tradition and Innovation Since 1848

Omega has been on the scene since the mid-19th century and has earned a reputation for producing reliable, precise, and multifunctional watches. The manufacturer has a rich track record of developing new watchmaking technology such as the co-axial escapement. Omega has also proven to be a trailblazer when it comes to materials, offering numerous models in their proprietary gold alloys such as Canopus and Moonshine gold. The movement inside the Aqua Terra Ultra Light, on the other hand, is made entirely of titanium.

The Omega catalog is home to many of the world's most famous wristwatches. The iconic Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch accompanied the first astronauts to walk on the Moon in the summer of 1969 after emerging victorious from a rigorous selection process. To mark the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing in 2019, Omega presented two new Speedmaster models. The two watches, one in platinum and one in stainless steel, feature a remake of the legendary caliber 321 from the original Moonwatch. In 2021, Omega ceased production of the classic Moonwatch, replacing it with an updated version powered by a Co-Axial caliber. Another highlight was unveiled at Watches & Wonders 2022: the new Speedmaster '57. This watch is outfitted with the caliber 9906.

Professional and recreational divers alike have been depending on the Seamaster collection for around 60 years. These watches have also made numerous appearances on the silver screen. The Seamaster Diver 300M, as seen in the Bond flick "No Time to Die," is extremely popular. At Watches & Wonders 2022, Omega presented the Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep, which can dive to an impressive 6,000 m (600 bar, 19,685 ft). What's more, this model is made of an in-house stainless steel alloy, O-Megasteel. According to Omega, this material has a high level of purity and a hardness that is 40% to 50% higher than conventional steel.

In addition to their technically-oriented tool watches, Omega also produces classic, elegant timepieces like the De Ville, Constellation, and Globemaster. These luxurious collections feature models made of precious metals such as rose and yellow gold.

Reasons to Buy an Omega Watch

  • Famous and coveted models like the Speedmaster and Seamaster
  • Seamaster Planet Ocean Ultra Deep: water-resistant to 6,000 m (600 bar, 19,685 ft)
  • Co-axial escapement: highly shock-resistant
  • Seamaster Aqua Terra Light with Master Chronometer certification
  • Innovative materials such as Canopus gold and O-Megasteel


OMEGA explained in 3 minutes | Short on Time

How much do Omega watches cost?

Model, reference numberPrice (approx.)Features, caliber
Speedmaster, 311.,000 USD65th Anniversary Edition, Canopus gold case, caliber 321
De Ville Tourbillon, 528.,500 USDRose gold case, tourbillon, caliber 2638
Speedmaster Professional Snoopy, 311.,500 USDWhite dial, limited run of 1,970 pieces, manual caliber 1861
Speedmaster Moonwatch Co-Axial, 310.,000 USDCanopus gold case, Co-Axial caliber 3861
Seamaster Planet Ocean 6000M Ultra Deep,,600 USD (MSRP)O-Megasteel case, water-resistant to 6,000 m (600 bar, 19,685 ft), Co-Axial caliber 8912
Seamaster Ploprof 1200M,,500 USDLeft-handed crown, water-resistant to 1,200 m (3,937 ft), helium escape valve, Co-Axial caliber 8500
Constellation Globemaster,,000 USDBlue pie-pan dial, Co-Axial caliber 8900
Moonwatch Professional, 310.,900 USDStep dial, Co-Axial caliber 3861
Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M,,800 USD38 mm diameter, red dial, Co-Axial caliber 8800
Speedmaster Professional, 311.,800 USDMoonwatch, Hesalite crystal, manual caliber 1861
Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M,,100 USDWater-resistant to 600 m (60 bar, 1,969 ft), helium escape valve, Co-Axial caliber 8500
Seamaster 300,,000 USDRetro design, water-resistant to 300 m (30 bar, 984 ft), Co-Axial caliber 8400
Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M,,600 USDGolf Edition, green second hand, NATO strap, Co-Axial caliber 8900
Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M GMT,,000 USDSecond time zone, stainless steel, Co-Axial caliber 8605

Price Overview: Omega Watches

Prices for pre-owned vintage Omega watches on Chrono24 start at a couple hundred dollars. This amount will get you an automatic De Ville women's watch or a pre-owned Seamaster from the 1970s. The most affordable entry-point into the world of modern Omega models is the Aqua Terra collection. Prices for new models begin at around 4,000 USD. If you want to call one of the three-hand watches from the Planet Ocean collection your own, you will need to spend at least 5,000 USD. Elegant dress watches, such as a stainless steel Constellation Globemaster demand around 6,000 USD.

Popular chronographs from the Speedmaster collection start at around 5,800 USD. This amount will get you a mint-condition Professional Moonwatch with the manual caliber 1861. The successor model, which is powered by a Co-Axial caliber, costs slightly more. If you're interested in a Moonwatch crafted from precious metals such as Canopus gold, you'll need to spend around 37,000 USD. It's a similar story for limited editions like the Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch Snoopy ref. 311., which pushes the 50,000 USD mark. Top Omega models such as the rose-gold De Ville Tourbillon even demanded north of 120,000 USD as of July 2022.

Omega Speedmaster Professional

Omega Speedmaster '57

Omega Speedmaster Professional

Omega Speedmaster '57

Omega Speedmaster: Prices and Info

The Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch is arguably Omega's most popular flagship model. First introduced in 1957, the manufacturer originally developed this chronograph with motorsport in mind. However, that all changed in the 1960s when NASA began outfitting its astronauts with this timepiece. Today, it is most famous for joining the astronauts of the Apollo 11 mission on the lunar surface when they became the first humans to set foot on the Moon in 1969. Since then, Omega has released numerous versions of the Moonwatch. The Speedmaster Professional ref. 311. is the original model's closest relative. It features the manual caliber 1861 and, true to the original, plexiglass and a stainless steel case back.

One of these watches in mint condition on a steel bracelet costs around 5,800 USD. Between July 2020 and July 2022, the value of this timepiece increased by 45%.

If you're a fan of the version with sapphire crystal, i.e., the ref. 311., plan to spend around 500 USD more. Prices for vintage models, such as the ref. 2998 from the 1960s, came in at around 20,000 USD as of mid-2022. The value appreciation in the same two-year period was roughly 27%.

Then there's the Speedmaster "Dark Side of the Moon" (ref. 311. This watch features a case made of scratch-resistant black ceramic and requires an investment of around 9,300 USD. Prices for this Speedmaster have also been steadily increasing.

2021: A New Moonwatch With the Caliber 3861

In January 2021, Omega announced that they would be discontinuing the classic Moonwatch. In its place, they presented the new Moonwatch Professional with the reference number 310. This model features the brand new manual caliber 3861 with a co-axial escapement and some tweaks to its overall design. The movement comes with Master Chronometer certification from the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) and can resist magnetic fields of up to 15,000 gauss.

The 42-mm stainless steel case is identical to that of its predecessor. Other shared features include Hesalite crystal and a screw-down stainless steel case back. Expect to pay around 5,900 USD for a new timepiece.

If you prefer the variant with sapphire crystal on both the front and back, check out the Moonwatch ref. 310. This Omega watch costs around 6,700 USD.

The "New Moon" in Rose or White Gold

Omega also introduced rose and white gold editions of the new Moonwatch alongside the stainless steel models. The ref. 310. features a case and bracelet made of Omega's proprietary rose gold alloy, Sedna gold. The manufacturer crafts the watch's hands and indices from the same material. As of mid-2022, this stunning chronograph sells for around 32,000 USD on the secondary market in mint condition. Omega lists this timepiece for 39,400 USD, meaning you can save over 7,000 USD.

The white gold Moonwatch (ref. 310. is more modest and has a silver sunburst dial. You can purchase this timepiece on Chrono24 for around 43,000 USD. Like the rose gold edition, you can get significant savings on the pre-owned market. Omega's official retail price for this model is 51,300 USD.

Rare Speedmasters for Collectors

Limited editions are especially popular among collectors and are highly likely to appreciate in value. For example, the "Speedy Tuesday" from 2017 now costs about 12,500 USD new, a value increase of 40%. Its successor, the "Speedy Tuesday Ultraman," followed in 2018 and sold out almost immediately. Prices increased significantly from 7,100 USD at launch to around 15,500 USD in July 2022. Both models were limited to runs of 2,012 pieces.

Omega also produces Moonwatch models made entirely from their proprietary Moonshine gold alloy, which offers a distinctively paler hue than traditional yellow gold. The Apollo 11 50th Anniversary ref. 310. is made of 18-karat Moonshine gold and features a matching golden dial. This model was released in 2019 and now costs around 45,000 USD. In July 2020, the same reference sold for closer to 33,000 USD. In 2022, Omega also added a version with a green dial to the lineup.

Prices quickly start to climb when you look at more highly coveted models like the Speedmaster "Snoopy". For example, the ref. 311. with a white dial demands roughly 49,000 USD new. In July 2020, this chronograph demanded a significantly smaller sum at around 29,000 USD, meaning it has appreciated by 69% in just two years. This timepiece gets its name from the beloved Peanuts character.

The Re-Created Caliber 321

If historical accuracy is your top priority, you should take a closer look at the two Speedmaster models Omega outfits with the vintage manual caliber 321. The platinum edition bears the reference number 311. and was launched to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing. Its dial is black onyx, while Omega crafts its three subdials out of Moon rock. This exclusive watch changes hands for around 69,000 USD on Chrono24 – a fair amount more than its official list price of 59,400 USD. This model has thus already increased in value by 19% since its launch in 2021, making it a sound investment piece.

You can save a significant sum by purchasing the stainless steel ref. 311. instead. Omega released this version in 2020 in tribute to the ref. 105.003 "Ed White." As such, its case measures just 39.7 mm in diameter. Once again, the watch's market value far exceeds its recommended retail price. While Omega officially sells this model for 14,100 USD, its actual market value sits around 21,000 USD.

In 2022, Omega presented a new model to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the Speedmaster collection. Bearing the reference number 311., this timepiece is crafted from Canopus gold, Omega's proprietary white gold alloy. This model takes inspiration from the historical ref. 2915 from 1957 and therefore has a diameter of 38.6 mm. This Omega watch is a true rarity, and prices have been rising in line with demand. In July 2022, this timepiece demanded around 130,000 USD on Chrono24. Omega, on the other hand, has set the official list price for this reference at 81,000 USD.

Other Speedmaster Models

In addition to the various versions of the Moonwatch, the Speedmaster collection is home to a host of other interesting timepieces. For example, Omega marked the Speedmaster chronograph's 60th anniversary in 2017 by releasing the '57 Speedmaster chronograph ref. 311. Unlike the Moonwatch with curved lugs, this model has the same straight lugs as the original from 1957 and is powered by the manual caliber 1861. Omega has limited this classic 38.6-mm timepiece to a run of 3,557 pieces, and new examples change hands for around 9,300 USD. Between July 2020 and July 2022, this model appreciated by approximately 27%.

If you're in the market for something a bit more modern, check out the Skywalker X-33 and Spacemaster Z-33. These multi-functional quartz watches offer a number of complications in addition to their analog and digital displays, including a second time zone, chronograph, perpetual calendar, and an alarm. Plan to spend between 3,600 USD and 4,900 USD for one of these models.

The Speedmaster 38 is primarily a women's watch. Its gold case measures 38 mm across and is adorned with diamonds. These models, such as the ref. 324., cost around 16,500 USD.

Features of the Omega Speedmaster

  • Moonwatch: the first watch on the Moon
  • Limited editions with the potential to appreciate
  • Dark Side of the Moon with a ceramic case
  • Models with the legendary caliber 321
  • Available in a wide variety of materials


6 Things to Know Before Buying an Omega Speedmaster in 2022 | Chrono24

Prices for the Seamaster 300

The Seamaster collection is yet another cornerstone of the Swiss manufacturer's catalog. High water resistance characterizes each of the collection's various models. One of the series' most famous models, the Seamaster 300, is water-resistant to 300 m (984 ft) and is available in a wide variety of materials.

The ref. has a particularly classic design. The stainless steel case and bracelet, black dial, and matching ceramic bezel lend this timepiece a retro look. Inside the case, you'll find the Omega Co-Axial caliber 8400. In July 2022, new examples changed hands for around 5,100 USD. Compared with 2020, this Omega watch has increased in value by almost 20%.

If you're looking for a Seamaster 300 with a gold case and bracelet, take a look at the Omega ref. Prices for this watch on the secondary market came in at around 26,500 USD in July 2022. The official retail price is 34,800 USD, meaning you can save over 8,000 USD.

However, if that's not quite in your budget, the ref. might just be the perfect middle ground. The case of this timepiece is crafted from a bronze and gold alloy. The bronze content results in a much softer and slightly darker hue than yellow gold. Listings for this watch on Chrono24 cost around 9,900 USD, over 2,000 USD less than the MSRP.

Omega released the Seamaster 300 ref. as part of their 1957 Trilogy series. All three trilogy models – the Speedmaster, Railmaster, and Seamaster 300 – are limited to runs of 3,557 pieces and are based on the original models from 1957. The Seamaster 300 has a 39-mm stainless steel case and comes on a stainless steel bracelet. This watch is powered by the state-of-the-art Master Chronometer caliber 8806 and sells for about 7,200 USD in mint condition. The watch recorded a value increase of around 16% between July 2020 and July 2022.

Diver 300M: Diving Watches With Helium Escape Valves

Omega's Seamaster Diver 300M collection contains three-hand watches and chronographs in men's and women's sizes. One classic men's model is the ref. This watch gets its power from the Omega Co-Axial Master Chronometer caliber 8800. Other prominent features include a helium escape valve and a black wave-pattern dial. This particular reference comes on a five-piece link stainless steel bracelet with polished components. It changes hands for around 4,600 USD new.

The Diver 300M collection is also home to several two-tone editions. These watches combine stainless steel and your choice of yellow or rose gold accents. Prices for a never-worn model, for example the ref., sit at around 8,700 USD. Omega lists this reference for 11,200 USD.

Is green one of your favorite colors? If so, you should check out the Seamaster 300M reference numbers and These models were released in 2022 and feature a dark green wave-pattern dial and matching bezel. The former reference is mounted on a steel bracelet, while the latter comes on a green rubber strap. Prices for new examples cost around 7,200 USD and 6,500 USD, respectively.

Seamaster Diver 300M James Bond 007 Edition

In 2019, Omega produced a special-edition Seamaster Diver 300M to go along with the James Bond movie "No Time to Die." This 42-mm titanium watch features a warm brown dial and bezel made of aluminum. Its power comes from the Omega Co-Axial Master Chronometer caliber 8806. Mint-condition versions on a Milanese bracelet change hands for about 8,700 USD on Chrono24. Omega also offers the 007 Edition on a multicolored NATO strap. Expect to pay around 7,800 USD for this variant.

To mark the occasion of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, Omega unveiled the Seamaster Diver 300M "Beijing 2022." This special-edition timepiece can be found under the reference number 522. The watch's case and bracelet are stainless steel, whereas the bezel is made of titanium. The blue wave-pattern dial is ceramic, and you'll notice that the minute markers at 2, 4, 8, and 10 o'clock are highlighted in the colors of the Olympic rings. The tried-and-true Co-Axial caliber 8800 powers this watch. Omega's official list price is 6,150 USD, but you can buy this Seamaster on Chrono24 for closer to 5,800 USD.

Omega Seamaster Diver 300M

Omega Seamaster Diver 300M

Planet Ocean Ultra Deep: Water-Resistant to 6,000 m

In spring 2022, Omega launched the Planet Ocean Ultra Deep. This diving watch boasts water-resistance to 6,000 m (600 bar, 19,685 ft). The model is a nod to the concept watch released in 2019, the Planet Ocean Ultra Deep Professional, which was strapped to the exterior of a submarine and plunged 10,934 meters (35,872 ft) into the Mariana Trench – a world record.

The consumer version comes in either titanium or Omega's own stainless steel alloy, O-Megasteel. These models are 45.5 mm in diameter and 18 mm thick, making them more suitable for sizable wrists. The Co-Axial caliber 8912 ticks away inside this case. This movement also boasts METAS certification as a Master Chronometer and a power reserve of 60 hours. The titanium version comes exclusively with a black dial and black bezel. If you opt for the stainless steel timepiece, however, you have the choice between different color combinations such as orange and blue.

At the time of writing in July 2022, there were no listings for these timepieces on Chrono24. Omega lists the stainless steel version on a steel bracelet (ref. for 11,600 USD. If you prefer to mount the stainless steel Ultra Deep on a NATO or rubber strap, expect to save around 300 USD. The Ultra Deep model made from titanium can be found under ref. This timepiece is only available on a NATO strap and has an official retail price of 12,300 USD.

Ploprof: A Professional Seamaster

The Ploprof 1200M collection is a practical tool for professional divers who work at great depths. These watches are water-resistant to 1,200 m (120 bar, 3,937 ft) and boast professional features such as a helium escape valve and security pusher for the diving bezel.

The standard-edition stainless steel Ploprof 1200M ref. demands around 8,500 USD new. If you prefer the version in titanium, be prepared to spend roughly 10,000 USD. Prices rise to around 14,500 USD if you want to have a Sedna gold bezel, crown, and helium escape value. The Ploprof's angular case measures 55 x 48 mm, so it may not suit smaller wrists. All three versions have performed well and, on average, appreciated by around 20% in two years (as of July 2022).

Omega Seamaster PloProf

Omega Seamaster PloProf

Prices for the Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M

Omega offers the Planet Ocean 600M in numerous sizes, as well as in different color and material combinations. The women's and unisex models are 37.5 or 39.5 mm in diameter, while the men's versions have diameters of 43.5 or 45.5 mm. The 43.5-mm edition is a classic three-hand watch, though some timepieces have an additional GMT function for displaying the time in a second time zone. Planet Ocean chronographs have hefty 45.5-mm cases and are best suited to larger wrists.

A classic 43.5-mm three-hand Planet Ocean 600M in stainless steel like the ref. will set you back about 5,400 USD new. The model appreciated by 12% between July 2020 and July 2022, meaning this Omega watch shows good potential to increase in value.

Expect to pay roughly 6,700 USD for the ref., which offers a GMT complication and comes on a leather strap. This model saw a value increase of 26% in the same two-year period.

Those looking for a new Planet Ocean 600M with a chronograph function can expect prices to start at around 5,500 USD for a new stainless steel version on a leather strap. The same watch demands roughly 4,900 USD pre-owned. On the other end of the spectrum, you'll find the rose gold edition on a leather strap selling for between 14,000 USD and 21,000 USD. Prices for women's and unisex models range from 3,300 USD for a simple stainless steel model to 21,000 USD for a rose gold timepiece with diamonds.

Bullhead, Railmaster, and Aqua Terra

Other exciting Seamaster sub-collections include the Bullhead, Railmaster, and Aqua Terra 150M. The Bullhead has a particularly interesting design. Its chronograph push-pieces sit atop the case, resulting in a watch that resembles a bull's head. This timepiece is especially popular among collectors. Current models such as the ref. with a black dial demand around 7,700 USD. If you'd prefer a vintage watch like the ref. 146.011-69, you should be prepared to spend 9,500 USD. As of July 2022, this reference costs a good 1,000 USD more than it did in 2020.

Like the Speedmaster and Seamaster, the Railmaster has been part of the Omega catalog since 1957. Omega originally developed this timepiece for people with regular exposure to strong magnetic fields. The most recent models can withstand up to 15,000 gauss. The current ref. features a black dial and stainless steel bracelet. Expect to pay around 3,800 USD for a new example. Prices for models from the 1950s and 60s can quickly rise to more than 15,000 USD.

Those who like the look of the vintage Railmaster but need a reliable everyday watch should take a closer look at the Railmaster model from the 1957 Trilogy. Omega released this watch in honor of the Railmaster's 60th anniversary. It bears the reference number and is nearly identical to the vintage original, but boasts modern materials and technology. For example, the Master Chronometer caliber 8806 ticks away inside the case. The manufacturer has limited this timepiece to a run of 3,557 pieces. You can purchase this particular Railmaster for about 6,200 USD new. The value of this model increased by 24% in two years.

Aqua Terra: At Home on Land and at Sea

In the Aqua Terra line, Omega combines the straightforwardness of a tool watch with the elegance of a dress watch. There are various models with gold and diamonds, as well as mother-of-pearl dials and crocodile leather straps. You can choose from cases measuring 34 mm, 38 mm, 41 mm, and 43 mm in diameter. The 34-mm version is a new release from 2022, comes in numerous dial colors, and is perfect for those with more slender wrists. The 34-mm ref., for example, is outfitted with a blue dial and mounted on a stainless steel bracelet. This model costs around 5,000 USD new. The larger 41-mm stainless steel model ref. has a black dial and changes hands for around 4,900 USD in mint condition.

Seamaster Aqua Terra models with a GMT function are much more affordable than the standard three-hand watches. Between July 2020 and July 2022, prices for the 43-mm ref. fell from 4,600 USD to 3,800 USD.

In 2019, Omega introduced the Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M Ultra Light made of "Gamma Titanium." The watch measures 41 mm in diameter but weighs only 55 grams, or less than 2 ounces. Omega teamed up with golfer Rory McIlroy to develop this Aqua Terra. Their goal was to create an especially comfortable watch for athletes. Since keeping the watch's weight low was a priority, Omega even crafted the manual METAS-certified caliber 8928 out of titanium. You can call one of these timepieces your own for roughly 40,000 USD.

Also from 2019, the Aqua Terra 150M Worldtimer will put a much smaller dent in your wallet. As its name implies, this watch comes with a world time function. A prominent disc in the middle of its dial displays the Northern Hemisphere as viewed from the North Pole. This model gets its power from the in-house caliber 8939 and costs about 8,700 USD on a rubber strap. The same watch in rose gold demands at least 19,500 USD.

Features of Seamaster Watches

  • Water resistance ranging from 300 m (30 bar, 984 ft) to 1,200 m (120 bar, 3,937 ft)
  • Three-hand watches and models with a chronograph or GMT function
  • Aqua Terra 150M Ultra Light in "Gamma Titanium"
  • Precise in-house calibers, some with high magnetic resistance
  • The limited-edition 1957 Trilogy


5 Things You SHOULD Know BEFORE Buying An Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra! | Chrono24

Constellation and De Ville: Classic Elegance

Omega takes a less technical approach to their Constellation series compared to the Speedmaster and Seamaster collections. The Constellation has undergone a number of changes since it was first introduced in 1952. Early models were simple and elegant wristwatches with three hands. Since the 1980s, many models have featured a fixed bezel with Roman numerals. Some Constellation watches have "claws," which are slightly raised parts of the bezel at 3 and 9 o'clock. As the designs were modernized, high-quality quartz movements were introduced to improve accuracy. Since 1967, Omega has also offered a Constellation series for women. Certain pieces in this collection are distinguished by gold and decorative diamonds.

Prices for the most ornate timepieces fall between 25,000 USD and 100,000 USD. On the other hand, simpler models in stainless steel change hands for 2,000 USD to 4,000 USD. You can even find vintage models from the 1960s for well under 1,000 USD.

Omega introduced several new Constellation models in 2020. You can now choose between 39 and 41-mm timepieces. The latter are available with one of two automatic Omega Co-Axial Master Chronometer calibers: the 8900 or 8901. Case options include stainless steel, yellow gold, Sedna gold, and two-tone.

Prices for new watches vary by material and range from 5,000 USD to 18,000 USD. The case of the ref. measures 39 mm across and is made of Sedna gold. This timepiece comes in at the more expensive end of this price bracket

De Ville: Stylish and Elegant

The De Ville series is a touch more classic than the Constellation. This series was first introduced in 1960 and features classic, clean designs with Roman numerals; movements with tourbillons; and cases made of white, rose, and yellow gold. Many of the women's models also feature diamond-set bezels or diamond hour markers.

The men's watches in the Tourbillon series are especially interesting. The 44-mm ref. 528. in Sedna gold is one such timepiece. Its power comes from the Omega caliber 2638. This automatic movement has a platinum oscillating weight and titanium tourbillon cage that completes one rotation every minute. The back of each movement features the initials of the watchmaker who built it. Of course, such exclusivity comes with a price: as of July 2022, this Omega watch changed hands for over 125,000 USD on Chrono24. It has recorded excellent financial performance, appreciating by 37% in two years.

The quartz-powered women's watches in the Trésor collection are relatively affordable. The ref. 428. has a 36-mm case made of 18-karat gold with diamonds on either side. Its dial and leather strap are both Bordeaux red. The Omega caliber 4061 with a "long life" function powers this timepiece, which sells for around 7,400 USD on Chrono24 in mint condition.

Omega Constellation

Omega De Ville Prestige

Omega De Ville Co-Axial

Omega Constellation

Omega De Ville Prestige

Omega De Ville Co-Axial

The History of Omega

The history of Omega goes back to the 19th century. In 1848, Louis Brandt began manufacturing pocket watches in the city of La Chaux-de-Fonds, in the Swiss canton of Neuchâtel. He made arrangements with local suppliers, which allowed him to sell his products to a wider market, including Italy, England, and Scandinavia. Later, Brandt's sons moved the company to its current location in Biel. Although the name Omega has been in use since 1894, it was first officially registered in 1903 when the third generation took over.

The name is meant to express the quality of their watches. Omega is the last letter in the Greek alphabet and is often used as a metaphor for perfection.

In 1930, Omega and their competitor, Tissot, made a joint decision to serve separate markets. Omega was to focus on the luxury watch sector and Tissot on the middle class. When the quartz crisis put the Swiss watch industry in a difficult position, the two brands came together in 1983 under the newly formed Swatch Group. Omega remains part of the group to this day.

Technological Innovations, Olympic Games, and Famous Wearers

Omega has garnered attention over the decades for their technical innovations. In 1892, the manufacturer introduced the first wristwatch with a minute repeater, a particularly intricate complication that uses chimes to relay the time. Omega was responsible for timing all of the events at the 1932 Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles, and they introduced automatic timers at the 1952 Summer Games in Helsinki.

In the 1970s, the manufacturer reached a new level of precision with their quartz chronometers. A high point was the caliber 1525, which powered the marine chronometers used by the French Navy. Omega delivered these custom timekeepers in boxes made of precious wood coated with brass. Over the course of a year, these chronometers deviate from the reference time by less than five seconds.

One of the Swiss manufacturer's latest achievements is the development of watches with high resistance to magnetic fields. In October 2013, the Seamaster Aqua Terra marked the beginning of a new generation of timepieces. These models make use of anti-magnetic silicon, which allows calibers to remain unaffected by up to 15,000 gauss of magnetism. Watches with this feature bear an official Omega quality mark developed in 2015.

Many prominent figures, both real and fictional, have been drawn to the allure of Omega watches. The most famous wearer may very well be secret agent James Bond, who wore a Seamaster in 1995's "GoldenEye." French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau also relied on the Seamaster during many of his dives. Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll, wore a Seamaster Calendar when he was promoted to sergeant while stationed in West Germany in 1960. Another beloved entertainer, actor Tom Hanks, wears an Omega Speedmaster Professional as a reminder of his role in the movie "Apollo 13."

Omega has also found many fans in the realm of politics. President John F. Kennedy, former Chinese Chairman Mao Zedong, and former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev all wore Omegas. Gorbachev sported a gold watch from the Constellation series.

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