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Viti Levu, Fiji4-Night Yasawa Islands Fiji Cruise Including Accommodation and Meals34Discover the real Fiji on a 4-night cruise in the Yasawa Islands. As you cruise through the Yasawa archipelago, you’ll encounter some of the most dramatic scenery in the South Pacific. With a new island and coral reef to visit every morning and afternoon, there are endless opportunities for beach and water activities. You’ll also visit local villages where traditional Fijian life continues. With no more than 140 passengers on board, this fun-filled and relaxing Fiji cruise provides an authentic and personalized experience.... More4 daysFree Cancellationfrom€1,409.09Price varies by group size
Viti Levu, FijiIntroductory Scuba Dive experience and create awesome Holiday Memory Moments9We are very proud winner of Fiji Dive Operator of the Year 2022 - Fiji Excellence in Tourism Awards.Our mission and expertise is in putting smiles on peoples' faces, and we are good at it as you will see!26 to 30 Degrees Centigrade clear blue water and beautiful tropical coral reefs to explore during your first scuba dive experience in our awesome underwater backyard. Fully certified and experienced SSI dive instructors with you throughout your 2 dives, and they know every fish by name.... More5 hoursFree Cancellationfrom€192.73
Denarau Island, FijiPrivate Departure Transfer To Nadi Airport From Your Hotel9PRIVATE DEPARTURE TRANSFER FROM ALL RESORTS ON MAINLAND TO NADI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT .FREE BABY SEATS AVAILABLE ON REQUEST.... MoreFree Cancellationfrom€11.99Price varies by group size
Nadi, FijiHalf Day Fiji Zip-Line Tour at Pacific Harbour1Feel the rush of adrenaline pump through your veins as you fly 65 feet (20 meters) in the air above river canyons and the jungle floor on one of Fiji's original zip-lines, located 25 minutes from Pacific Harbour. The 4.5-hour tour includes climate-controlled transportation from and to your hotel,and is bestsuited for thrill seekers in good physical health, who are up for moderate walking. The tour includes a safety briefing and equipment, as well as light refreshments. (Note: you will spend 1.5 hours on the zip-line).... More4 hours 30 minutesFree Cancellationfrom€111.36
Viti Levu, FijiNadi Tour of Gardens n Village n Mudpool Excluding Entry Fee4What makes this tour unique is that you pay entry fees once at the site. This way, we ensure that we only charge you a decent amount without ripping you off for the travel and you pay the very correct amount as an entry fee when at the site. The timing and limited number of travelers within this tour are also what makes it unique. This is a guided tour for people who are occupied in the morning/daytime and would like to explore iconic places within Nadi in the afternoon. You would visit the temple, local fruit and vegetable market, Viseisei Village, Garden of the Sleeping Giants, and Sabeto Mudpools starting at 1.30 pm in an air-conditioned vehicle. *PS Be mindful that this tour might get canceled or postponed due to unfavorable weather conditions.... More3 hours 10 minutesFree Cancellationfrom€33.07
Viti Levu, FijiScuba Diving trips for certified divers25Our mission is to put smiles on peoples' faces, and we are good at it!The dive boat trips depart directly from Port Denarau Marina daily. Scuba dive trips with maximum 8 divers, plus our experienced and fully certified SSI dive instructors and divemasters, Boat captains are MSAF certified.Specialists in Introductory diving, so you as a certified diver may bring along and dive with your non certified other, and have an awesome shared 'Holiday Memory Moment' underwater experience together.... More5 hoursFree Cancellationfrom€179.88
Viti Levu, FijiTropical Tempter Package 4 Days | 3 Nights | All Activities IncludedAs a Yasawa Inclusive Package, the Tropical Tempter is a great option for those that want to get a taste of the area with some great activities included. For your accommodation, choose if you want the more social environment of a Dorm or would prefer a bit more peace and quiet (and your own en suite) in a Bure. Included in the package are three great experiences that this area is famous for so you can tick these ones off the bucket list in just 4 days!Scheduled return coach transfers from most Nadi, Wailoaloa, and Denarau hotels to/from Port DenarauVessel transfers to/from Port Denarau to all resorts listed in the package1 night at South Sea Island: Beachfront Bure or 16 Bed Dorm/6 Bed Girls Dorm2 nights in the Manta Ray Region at either:- Mantaray Island Resort: in Seaside Bure or Dorm- Barefoot Manta Island Resort: in Beachfront Island Bure or Vai Dorm... More4 daysfrom€410.72
Viti Levu, FijiCombine Mount Batilamu and Koroyanitu Waterfall Full Day Hike2If you an adventurous hiker who loves a little bit longer and uphill hike in a day than this is the only one recommend for you if you staying around Nadi and Lautoka Hotels or around the Vicinity.It's just an hour drive from Nadi to Abaca village the home of the breathtaking Koroyanitu Heritage Park and waterfall and The breathtakingly Batilamu Peak.The trek is about 2 to 3 miles with 2 to 3 hours walk each way up to Mnt Batilamu Peak and back to the Village with an authentic Fijian Lunch.Half way back from the Breathtaking Mnt Batilamu we would diverted across to another adventure hike to the waterfall to have a very much needed swimming at this cool beautiful waterfall.Lots of beautiful breathtakingly picture stop at your discretion during the walk.Don't miss it..I'm not a real hiker but just a simple local guy enjoying and loving Mountainous nature with its breathtakingly Views loving every minute and moments of all my hiking tours up the mountain.... More4 hours 30 minutesFree Cancellationfrom€214.15Price varies by group size
Viti Levu, FijiNadi Private Sightseeing Tours1If you want to come out from the hotel out from touristy experience to experience the real Fiji with not much hike just moderate walk and see and experience the local community..This is for you.It's a Private Tour with All Entry Fees and Lunch at your own cost..Highlight of the Tour would be the experience Guide who would be your Driver and Private Tour Guide and will be feasting you with information you need to know about Fiji and give you the best Private Tour Guide Services you need for the day...Tour conclusion would be Visit of the Colourful Biggest Hindu Temple.Nawaka Primary School,Visit of the Big Chiefly Village of Nawaka in Nadi, Visit of Garden of Sleeping Giant the Orchid Garden, rejuvenate at the Hot Spring Pool, Souvenir Shopping and conclude with Typical Mouthwatering and Delicious Fijian Lunch at a Local Native Fijian Restaurant in Nadi Town to try Tipical Fijian local Food all at your own cost... More3 hours 15 minutesFree Cancellationfrom€128.49Price varies by group size
Viti Levu, FijiYasawa Islands Explorer Cruise with Lunch21Escape to the remote and rugged Yasawa Islands on a full-day cruise from Port Denarau Marina near Nadi. On board a comfortable, high-speed catamaran, take in the stunning and varied scenery as you cruise through the ancient volcanic islands of the Yasawa island group.... More9 hoursFree Cancellationfrom€98.84
Nadi, FijiBiausevu Waterfall Tour (Sigatoka)1A morning of leisurely hiking and rainforest sightseeing awaits you on the Coral Coast as you trek to the Sava Nu Mate Laya aka the Biausevu Fiji waterfall. Swim in a cool lagoon fringed by giant ferns and wild ginger, and learn about Fijian customs as you share in a traditional kava ceremony in the village of Biausevu.Ride along Fiji’s pristine southern coastline and then turn inland toward the heart of the island as you make your way to the village of the Biausevu tribe. The local chieftain greets you and invites you to partake in a customary Fijian kava ceremony, pounding the root into a fine powder in the Tanoa bowl and then mixing it with water to create a potent, relaxing brew.... More5 hoursFree Cancellationfrom€82.37
Viti Levu, FijiMamanuca Island Explorer6Sit back, relax and soak up the wonders of Fiji's islands with this scenic cruise of the beautiful Mamanuca Islands. You'll see many of the well-known resorts and islands as our vessel picks up and drops off resort guests enroute.Our modern catamarans have multiple air-conditioned lounges, outside viewing decks including a licensed bars.... More3 hoursFree Cancellationfrom€61.06


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